moliendo café
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Moliendo Café

lyrics and music by Hugo Blanco and José Manzo
English translation by William Morín
Cuando la tarde languidece   When the day winds down
Renacen las sombras   the shaddows reappear
Y en su quietud los cafetales   and in the silence of the coffee plantations
vuelven a sentir   you feel again
esa triste canción de amor   that sad song of the old woman
De la vieja molienda   grinding coffee
Que en el letargo de la noche   in the lethargy of the night
Parece decir   that seems to say--
Una pena de amor, una tristeza   A sorrow of lost love, a sadness
Lleva el zambo Manuel en su amargura   my knock-kneed friend, Manuel,
Pasa incansable la noche   carries within his bitterness.
Moliendo café.   He carries on, without tiring, throughout the night,
    grinding the coffee.



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